Lawrence Grey


(Proximal Records)

Release date: Oct 21, 2016

Reel-to-reel audio tape is a long strip of polyester plastic and a thin coating of Iron Oxide, commonly known as rust. The Iron Oxide is the medium for the recording, holding the sound as magnetic information. If any element of the tape is altered, so to will the sound it holds. Rust, debut album from producer Lawrence Grey, explores the corrosion of those materials and the textures produced by the degradation. Inspired by William Basiniski’s seminal work The Disintegration Loops, Lawrence took reel-to-reel tapes out onto his balcony, sprayed them down with starch, and let them corrode in the LA sun. Starch corrodes the plastic tape, taking many of the synths, drum machines, and samples on the record into a dark, organic place. With these raw, earthen sonics and more of the inventive rhythmic work heard in his first EP, Claustrophilia, Rust stands out in the often homogenous field of electronic music. Further inspired by the sonic results of his tape degradation, he applied the same practices to 16mm film and slide photos to create all of the art for the record. Out on Proximal Records, Rust presents Lawrence Grey’s vision of a dystopian future where the organic and the digital feed off each other in the ruin.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Starch Pariah
  2. 2. Black Mold
  3. 3. JX Ghost Tape
  4. 4. Fertile Faultless
  5. 5. Iron Oxide
  6. 6. Take a Bath
  7. 7. Nightgown on the Balcony
  8. 8. Nervous
  9. 9. Out West
  10. 10. Vagicide
  11. 11. Lime_Away

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