Moa Pillar



Release date: Jun 10, 2012

20-year-old Moscow-based Fedor Pereverzev has been experimenting with electronic sound for already several years, releasing EPs on the well-known Russian local G5 and Fuselab labels.

This time Fuselab presents the first and brand new full-length album from Moa Pillar, named after the Venezuelan Roraima mountain. This album is an attempt to recreate the sounds and atmosphere of the journey in which the musicians never went - such a tale out of their hearts.

Along with Fedor's instrumental music you can now hear the vocals in Russian, though the songs are named in Spanish.

This is what the musicians say about this album:

"Our music is something about the weakness if the man in front of the grand nature - you will never build mountains and never rotate rivers really."

Who knows, maybe the man power lays in a slightly another dimension and music is undoubtedly a substance of that kind, as well as the magic sounds of Roraima.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Sign - Colossus
  2. 2. Migracion
  3. 3. Tristi Tropici
  4. 4. Tepui - Colossus
  5. 5. Roraima
  6. 6. Triple Point
  7. 7. Anhel
  8. 8. Mirada - Colossus
  9. 9. Crepusculo Part I
  10. 10. Crepusculo Part II