Roam – Single

(Perfect Touch)

Release date: Nov 4, 2014

UMA is a producer-couple from Berlin that cuts crystal clear post-trip-hop tracks from a wide array of avant-garde influences. With one hand on the midi-controller and the other one on the forehead, they combine post-internet romanticism with fractal beat cascades - but they never lose touch with all the fragile borders that define the perfect pop song. 

Osaka label Perfect Touch is proud to release UMA's single ROAM accompanied by remixes from Japan-based producers Magical Mistakes and Madegg. Magical Mistakes adds analog synth lines alongside orchestral swells and shuffled drums, while Madegg takes the track for an experimental ambient psych-trip. 

Track Listing

  1. 1. Roam
  2. 2. Roam
  3. 3. Roam