Beautiful Skin


(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: Oct 1, 2005

Revolve is the debut full-length from New York City duo Beautiful Skin -- a sprawling 10-song electronic indictment of urban living; a stark comment on emotional desolation; a post-punk "Dark Side of the Moon." Whatever it is, it's the record guitarist Nick Forte' and snyth player Rossano Totino had brewing in the back of their minds for years. Totino grew up in rural Brazil in the mid-1980s, cutting his teeth in bands playing Wire and Cure covers at town fairs and parties in countryside barns. Meanwhile, Forte' toured the world in the seminal '90s U.S. hardcore band, Rorschach. The two crossed paths while working at a NYC electronics factory and quickly realized their musical compatibility. Totino had been waiting out indie-rock in his bedroom, creating textured ambient soundscapes on his synths, while Forte' had put together the nervous funk/punk band, Computer Cougar (Gern Blandsten). Uniquely fusing their respective influences, Beautiful Skin soon became the forum for both to explore new ground, owing much to their mutual fascination with electronic German and British music from the '70s and early '80s, as well as their growing obsession with vintage drum machines. On the strength of their 1998 "Thick Skin" demo, the band secured a deal with GSL. The duo then spent the better part of 1999 painstakingly recording the "Revolve" LP in their studio, often completing tracks, then totally reworking them until their vision was realized.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Revolve
  2. 2. Slake
  3. 3. Harsh Distractions
  4. 4. Ink
  5. 5. Consumed
  6. 6. Hold Still
  7. 7. A Vacant Stare
  8. 8. Inhiding
  9. 9. Fall from the Sky
  10. 10. Current Time

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