(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Oct 14, 2008

Reefer is Nick Diamonds (Islands, The Unicorns) and L.A. hip-hop producer Daddy Kev (Busdriver, Freestyle Fellowship, Awol One). Mutual admirers of each other's work, the two developed a close friendship over the years after being introduced by avant-rapper Giovanni Marks (Subtitle). Reefer is Nick crafting his darkly tinted pop over the foundation of Kev's sweeping, smooth beats crafted from tropical samples with flourishes of steel guitar and ukelele. Their self-titled mini album, previously called The Life Narcotic, includes guest appearance by Busdriver and remixes from Dntel and Flying Lotus.

Track Listing

  1. 1. The Simplest Way
  2. 2. May Baleen
  3. 3. Body Heat
  4. 4. Let It Go
  5. 5. Five Hundred an Ounce
  6. 6. Crony Island
  7. 7. Hit and Run
  8. 8. Blue Moon
  9. 9. Until We Meet Again
  10. 10. Hit and Run
  11. 11. Let It Go

Produced by Daddy Kev