GoGoGo Airheart

Rats! Sing! Sing!

(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: Nov 15, 2005

Few bands of the "indie" generation can boast the kind of longevity and consistency that GoGoGo Airheart can. Since their late-90s inception at the epicenter of the San Diego underground scene, GoGoGo Airheart have produced a steady stream of inspired, provocative albums for labels such as GSL, Sympathy, and Vinyl Communications, at various times counting members of The Album Leaf, Rocket From The Crypt, Tristeza and Jejune among their ranks. Their last album, 2002's Exitheuxa, was met with critical praise and featured the songwriting skills of core duo Mike Vermillion and A. Vyas as well as second guitarist Benjamin White. White departed in 2003, while original drummer Andy Robillard returned to join the remaining members in demoing new material at John Reis's (RFTC) Drag Racist studio. White then rejoined in 2004, at which point the demos were set aside, gears shifted, and a new phase of the band began taking shape. They eventually recorded two albums' worth of material in Los Angeles with Carlos de la Garza, fifteen tracks of which will emerge this Fall as Rats! Sing! Sing!, the fifth full-length album from GoGoGo Airheart.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Rats
  2. 2. Lie With The Lamb
  3. 3. Burn It Down
  4. 4. So Good
  5. 5. Love Is...
  6. 6. The Big Girl Of Beauty
  7. 7. Shake It Off
  8. 8. Dub Two
  9. 9. Taxi Up
  10. 10. Tin Pie
  11. 11. Heart on a Chain
  12. 12. Shattered
  13. 13. Come to My House
  14. 14. Turn Out the Lights
  15. 15. Double Bummer