Phantom Limbs

Random Hymns – EP

(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: Jan 31, 2001

San Francisco's "death rock" (their term) heroes Phantom Limbs aim for shock value and gross-out humor on their latest EP. After a couple of releases on Alternative Tentacles (label head and Dead Kennedy Jello Biafra says they're the strangest live act he's ever witnessed), they've moved on to Gold Standard Laboratories for this five-song effort. Apparently their live show is quite the experience; frontman Hopeless has earned a reputation as a GG Allin-style provocateur, often ending up naked and covered in various bodily fluids.

The opening "Topanga Canyon Torture" sticks with the same four-chord progression for five solid minutes, while Hopeless free-associates his way through some of the more asinine lyrics ever committed to tape: "we kissed upon a rock, fucked in the church parking lot, then went home and had some raisins, dressed each other toilet paper." The next two songs, "Swill" and "The Olympics," are garage-rock stompers.

"Jackalope Rising" is nine minutes of absolutely random nonsense, including several minutes of what appears to be the band working on drum sounds prior to recording. It is punctuated with various heavily processed audio clips. "Cobrador Minutero" is another halfway serviceable garage rocker with the requisite creepy organ leads, only this time the vocals are in Spanish! Crazy!

Track Listing

  1. 1. Topanga Canyon Torture
  2. 2. Swill
  3. 3. The Olympics
  4. 4. Jackalope Rising
  5. 5. Cobrador Minutero