Raach City Riot

(Poobah Records)

Release date: Oct 26, 2010

Raach City Riot is a Rapsploitation concept album about bar-b-que, triumph and infiltration. Welcome to the streets of Raach City where the once-thriving industry has run dry, the government is based in greed and corruption and the residents are fed up. Ta'Raach responds to the city's turmoil by rising up to start the first Lovelution. This EP captures the essence of a people living in a bleak society and how they face down a bloated regime and its' jive idealisms.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Gimme a Time/City Hall
  2. 2. Blood Money
  3. 3. Freak
  4. 4. The Black House
  5. 5. Coon
  6. 6. Piece Conference
  7. 7. It's Time
  8. 8. The Infultration
  9. 9. Black House Bar-B-Que
  10. 10. A Toast/Fallen Soldiers
  11. 11. Us