Yancey Boys

Quicksand – EP

(Delicious Vinyl / Yancey Media Group)

Release date: Aug 27, 2013

The first official single from Sunset Blvd. is "Quicksand", which features Common & Dezi Paige. And the B-Side is no sleeper; "The Fisherman" is a full-court press featuring a chorus from Vice and blistering rhymes from Detroit Serious and cuts by J.Rocc of Beat Junkies. The track is, as Frank Nitt promises, "guaranteed to make you bang your head!" Nitt also reminds us that "this isn't a nostalgia trip: Dilla's beats were so future-forward that they're right on time in 2013."

Track Listing

  1. 1. Quicksand
  2. 2. Quicksand
  3. 3. Quicksand
  4. 4. Fisherman
  5. 5. Fisherman
  6. 6. Fisherman

Produced by J Dilla

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