Pulkovo Heights – EP

(G5 Music)

Release date: May 2, 2011

G5 Music introduces another hidden gem from Russia. A mysterious Alexei Nikitin aka Nocow from St. Petersburg, who is a part of Wax paper Cup beat-connoisseurs community, has been exploring the world of experimental, lo-fi downtempo and broken beats for a few years, releasing his stuff on a number of Russian and European netlabels. Nocow avoids publicity, he is simply interested in expressing himself through his work, however, with his new EP Pulkovo Heights he steps up to another level of the game.

As in good psychedelic trip, music produced by Nocow transforms sound into vivid visual treat, painting spacey, mechanical landscapes in your mind, allowing you to experience the phenomenon of synesthesia without any drugs. Neon synths unfold in your ears, and you cannot resist moving your head to fat, multi-layered and hellishly infectious rhythm, like in the title Moscow-bad-boy-Lapti-featured track "Pulkovo Heights" which will definitely become another "Made in Russia" hit. Nocow will also take you to the land of healthy melancholia offering an escape from our cramped, hectic, short-attention-span reality in a kind of ambient meets future garage audio mediation ("Now I Know" or "Take a Fall"). He lets you submerge, full body, into impeccably produced, crispy clean sound with amazing groove control, minimal in form but touching and emotional. Nocow shows his more noisy & experimental face in twisted hip-hop beat of "Black Mass" or laidback, trippy "Sevah." And spreads his wings really wide in "Struggle" (Burial as one of Alexei's key influences comes to mind immediately), future garage anthem which is another highlight of this eclectic EP. Nocow will even invite you to the dance floor, courtesy of deep house trance of "Orion."

Track Listing

  1. 1. Pulkovo Heights
  2. 2. Black Mass
  3. 3. Now I Know
  4. 4. Take a Fall
  5. 5. Struggle
  6. 6. Look No Hands
  7. 7. Orion
  8. 8. Sevah