Nick León


(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Apr 29, 2016

The story of 21st century electronica is constantly evolving, with most creators fulfilling very personal goals in their music careers. Florida based multi-instrumentalist Nick León is a unique entity in this context, producing a body of work that goes far beyond his personal life and includes rich imagery and knowledge from ancient people.

Created after completing a bulk of the production on The Underachievers latest LP Evermore: The Art of Duality (RPM MSC), Profecía is an entirely different portal of sonic identity for Nick León then the works he has become recognized for in the last year. Sampling his own performance of different guitars, a quatro from Colombia, an upright piano, marimba and various synthesizers, Nick León brought it all together with Ableton to converge energy unlike anyone before him. A richness ensues with every song, balanced between the synthetic and the organic. The raw and the refined. Profecía is music of deep intention and thought, positioned to react in the full spectrum of emotions. Playful, joyous, curious, discontent, anger; a full degree of the human experience that touches on the inner core of every man, woman and child.  

Conceptually, Profecía stands alone when put up against the body of current electronic music, connected to the spiritual essence of his ancestry through Colombia and also interwoven into the environmental disasters we are currently facing. There is a warning message of sorts, calling on all people to recognize the course of destruction this planet is headed towards and how mother nature will alter the legacy of humans if we don’t wisen up. “Living in Florida has subconsciously shaped the way I view the world to a degree.” Nick León stated in conversation. “I always looked at the way it can almost be a microcosm for the rest of the U.S. We drained most of the everglades out so that we can build property over the swamp. However, now the water is coming back in different forms and nature is basically reclaiming what we were trying to outsmart her with.”

Taking the conceptual lens to an even further depth, the lineage of the popular Alan Ereia directed documentary Aluna also surfaces in the fabric of Profecía. Aluna is a perfect companion piece to Profecía, tying in current environmental issues while following the indigenous people known as Kogi. With the tribe located at Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, they only make contact with the outside world for very special circumstances and recently was one of those times. Nick León had the following to say about the Kogi people’s interaction with the outside world recently and how that relates to Profecía: “It's basically this untouched tribe that claims to be the "older brother" of mankind and considers us the "little brother" who are messing things up by depleting resources and not being grateful for everything we take from the earth. They tried to warn us about this in the ‘80s but now they came out of hiding again in the past few years to issue another warning.”

Profecía simultaneously dives between the future visions of tomorrow and the spiritual essence of the ancient world, serving as one of the strongest stories to emerge from electronic music in 2016. Nick León’s sonic voyage with the indigenous people of this planet has come full circle from his stomping grounds in Florida. We warmly welcome you to take a spin down this brilliant path of concept and sound known as Profecía.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Gonawindua
  2. 2. Prophecy
  3. 3. Little Brother
  4. 4. Forest Fire
  5. 5. Dream State
  6. 6. Guilt Society
  7. 7. Jaguar Sun
  8. 8. Eclipse
  9. 9. Aluna