Private Language

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Release date: Sep 23, 2013

96wrld is young Mi_a Skalskis. Ever since 2011, the Lithuanian producer had a couple of singles with Renegades of Bump and Monday Jazz that introduced him to fans of playful, neon-coloured electronica and bass-heavy hip hop. In 2013, 96wrld finally debuted with a collection of eight tunes that showcase his potential as a producer and songwriter. On 'Private Language', Skalskis embraces both hip hop and juke tempi, typically in a single tune. His arrangements are complex and give away all details only on repeated listen. However, tracks like 'Slave', 'Eschatology', or 'Satta' can put any club to pieces easily. 96wrld infuses just the right amount of melody and carefully balances acid-tinged synth bells, chopped vocals, and the obvious snare rolls. The title track features vocals of Markas Palubenka and is a prime example that Skalskis' production works in a more pop-oriented context as well. 'Private Language' is perfected with an euphoric remix by Moscow's DZA that clocks over six minutes and feels like 3:33.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Slave
  3. 3. Eschatology
  4. 4. Pop Song
  5. 5. Bruce Willis
  6. 6. Kripkenstein
  7. 7. Private Language
  8. 8. Satta
  9. 9. Bruce