(Red Rocket Entertainment)

Release date: Oct 31, 2002

The idea of turntables being used as an instrument is relatively new. Yet at the time of its inception, Phantazmagorea was breaking into new ground. People could not wrap their heads around this idea that this music was created solely with the use of 2 turntables, a fader, and very simple effects; no computers here. Controlling the wheels of steel like a virtuoso, D-Styles, now a resident for Low End Theory, conceptualized 19 dense, multilayered tracks that draw samples that span the aural spectrum.

John Wayne On Acid is a track of note, not to mention that it is available for a free download on this web site. Through 2 minutes and 55 seconds D-Styles chops up multiple samples, including a bunch of Japanese dialogue, and scratches all over them with a heavy bass beat operating and oscillating underneath.

With his skill on the turntables and his manic ideas, D-Styles proves his description as the Jimi Hendrix of the turntables to be correct. Phantazmagorea has proven to be a classic for the forward-thinking and turntablism communities.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Beautiful Ugly Sound
  2. 2. John Wayne on Acid
  3. 3. Hamburgers and Chocolate Ice Cream
  4. 4. Won't You Be My Neighbor
  5. 5. The Murder Faktory
  6. 6. Charlie's an Angel
  7. 7. Diabolikal
  8. 8. Smorgasborg of Sodomy
  9. 9. Like That Chall
  10. 10. F.U.P.M.
  11. 11. Portal Stalker
  12. 12. Felonious Funk
  13. 13. Know Your Dope Fiend
  14. 14. Terror in Dub
  15. 15. Clifford's Mustache
  16. 16. Your Favorite DJ
  17. 17. Flowtation Device
  18. 18. Size D Batteries
  19. 19. Mr. Arrogant

Produced by D-Styles

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