(Simple Man Music)

Release date: Jun 19, 1995

8 members can sometimes seems to be a lot of emcees to keep track of. Somewhere along the line, this high-profile Legendary duo fell through the cracks. But with The Grouch providing most of the instrumentation and also providing rhymes alongside with PSC, they deliver in a way similar to a Dream Team. And don't think that they're the only titans on the roster. Label head The Grouch recruited Izadoe, Pep Love (of Hiero), Murs (fellow Living Legend), and N8 The Gr8 (of The Cuf) to contribute guest verses of their own. All of these elements have combined to create another hit in the discography which has unfortunately been slept on throughout the years.

The CMA, the second track of the album, is one of the best songs on there. The Grouch provides the laid-back ambiance he is known for, the perfect set-up for him and PSC to give their explanation of who The CMA is. As they exclaim, "First comes the beats. Next comes the lyrics. Soon you're like "Damn!" when we let y'all hear it." Proclaiming themselves as the California Music Authority, they digress into their reasoning as to why they are the best. And after hearing what is only the first full-length track on the album, it would be hard for anyone to disagree.

Before any Living Legends release and still in the advent of their professional relationship, The Grouch and PSC (then known for his Mystik Journeymen association) linked up to form CMA. And because of its release in pre-Legendary times, it has been deeply slept on. Hip Hop heads and music fans alike, do yourself a favor and pick up this highly recommended release.

Track Listing

  1. 1. When???
  2. 2. The CMA
  3. 3. Luke Warm
  4. 4. Over.All
  5. 5. My Shoes
  6. 6. Free Will
  7. 7. Why I Crew
  8. 8. Road Trip
  9. 9. Bored in the O (skit)
  10. 10. Whatchahere4?
  11. 11. U Might Knock This
  12. 12. The Best (You've Never Heard Of)
  13. 13. 2 Help the Weak.End
  14. 14. Introspections
  15. 15. Pre-Sale (skit)
  16. 16. SouledOut

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