Outtacontrol – EP

(Magical Properties)

Release date: Jul 19, 2011

Justin Ledford, aka LDFD, became obsessed with making music since he was given a guitar by his uncle at age 9. Since then he has been taking in a wide range of influences to create his own sound. He was studying jazz guitar at the time that he started making beats on an SP-404 and soon dropped his lessons to spend more time creating rather than practicing. Shortly after, he got a set of turntables and started mixing dubstep (at a time when the term "brostep" was unheard of). Now at the age of 19, LDFD's sound has landed somewhere between the "beat scene" and "bass music" with touches of jazz funk and southern hip hop.

LDFD has been DJing and performing in clubs around North Texas since early 2010 and is a member of the TX/NY/Berlin collective known as Broken Teeth. His latest release was a blissful "trap house" remix of A Taut Line & Hong Kong in the 60s' "Don't Wake Me" for Japanese label Disktopia. The next release coming up is his debut EP "Outtacontrol", forthcoming on Daedelus' Magical Properties.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Outtacontrol
  2. 2. Mucho Mango
  3. 3. Pinheiro
  4. 4. Outtacontrol