Release date: Apr 19, 2011

The songs unveiled on Outmind are destined for infinite replay. Light, gauzy moments blend with those densely layered. The biggest swing gives way to the slowest sway. These are classic jams obscured in fuzz and fog. Nostalgic jeeps bump invisibly to thumping bass. Outmind was lovingly crafted and resonates with Matthewdavid's heartfelt glow. His music's mysterious simplicity sparks senses. These songs come from far out to resonate within. Rotate your dial to a space between frequencies. Catch these ghost channels of golden pop. Outmind blends familiar rhythms with those lost long ago and others yet to come.

Outmind pulsates with a sense of constant discovery. It is a mosaic sparkling with mystic, radiant matter. As you listen to Outmind set your ears to slow dissolve. Let yourself be wrapped in warmth and levitate skyward to an elegant high. This is the place Matthewdavid resides and if you want to get into the mindset you must get far far out out.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Los Angeles Is Beautiful
  2. 2. Noche y Dia / San Raphael
  3. 3. Prayers at Bedtime
  4. 4. International
  5. 5. Group Tea
  6. 6. Like You Mean It
  7. 7. Epic Swan
  8. 8. Floor Music
  9. 9. Cucumber-Lime
  10. 10. Today, Same Way
  11. 11. Being Without You
  12. 12. No Need to Worry - Mean too Much (Suite)