Outgunned – EP


Release date: May 15, 2012

Seven spoons of a balanced cosmic mixture of electronica, beats, anystep, and every kind of modern downtempo stuff put together in a "year chronicle" of sonic work by Evgeny Shchukin aka Vega, ex-member of Modul and FUSELab co-founder acting as WOLS and Feldmaus nowadays.

As it comes to sounding it's a really tough job to describe or attribute to a certain style or sub-genre. Lyricism, space touch and a deep atmos combined with almost every type of beat structure - that's how WOLS nearly sounds, though words are still words and none of them would describe all the colors of Outgunned.

The cover art is originally hand-made by Igor Fedoseev.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Nassko
  2. 2. Moscow, Side A
  3. 3. You Too
  4. 4. Red Ways
  5. 5. Ashwind
  6. 6. Outgunned
  7. 7. Solo Walz