Earnest Blount

Other Directions – EP

(Teaching Machine)

Release date: Jun 12, 2012

Earnest Blount is Ian Simon, another genre-confounding producer out of the WEDIDIT Collective, and a recent signee to Teaching Machine, Strangeloop's bourgeoning audio-visual imprint. Simon goes beyond the pinioned conceptions of the "beat-scene", fusing organic textures with synthesized elements, and employing (in his own words) "layers of unfolding chords and equations and whatnot paired with improvised melodic fragments", where indeterminacy, appropriation, and compositional authority become one and the same.

Other Directions, moves (as the name would suggest) to new terrain, showcasing his absorption of juke tempos and syncopation, chopped RnB vocals, and his usual chordal density.

Track Listing

  1. 1. You Tope, Ya?
  2. 2. Topgurl (Jondy's Lady)
  3. 3. Other Directions
  4. 4. Looseleaf Head-Full

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