Only Mountain

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Apr 20, 2010

From Only Mountain's opening salvo, "Before You Think," it is clear that Take has claimed his rightful place amongst the beat scene's leading luminaries. A dusty off-kilter space stomp, the track lays the ground work for an album's worth of hazy electronic textures and intergalactic breakbeats. Case in point: "Incredibright," a no-holds-barred haymaker of astro-hop swagger. On "Implosions," one of the albums more introspective tracks, Take drags us through a spaced out journey of low-end stabs and bit-crushed melodies.

A dense and groundbreaking work, Take's Only Mountain stands as a staggering collection of gorgeously brilliant melodies and deep subharmonic bass. Truly future music towards a brighter end.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Before You Think
  2. 2. Neon Beams
  3. 3. Horizontal Figuration
  4. 4. Crystallia
  5. 5. Don't Look Now
  6. 6. Quartz for Amber
  7. 7. If We Don't All Go Insane
  8. 8. Begin End Begin
  9. 9. Incredibright
  10. 10. Creosote
  11. 11. Paper Garden
  12. 12. Implosions
  13. 13. Juniper