The Prime

One Uppers

(Legendary Music)

Release date: Nov 24, 2009

The Prime consists of Luckyiam of Living Legends and Sapient of Portland's Sandpeople. Having performed on the same bill at numerous concerts and music festivals, the idea to come together and make music as a duo was an idea years in the making. With 12 tracks, The Prime sought to one-up any other song out there, hence the album title. The duo creates songs that unify the conscious, yet laidback lyricism of Luckyiam with the head-nodding, multi-layered beats of Sapient. The Prime comes together on their first effort to one-up the competition by fusing style and substance.

Track Listing

  1. 1. One Uppers
  2. 2. Kill the Cat
  3. 3. How You Use It
  4. 4. Common Place
  5. 5. Privilege RMX
  6. 6. Kuddy
  7. 7. All-Star Crushfest
  8. 8. I Did This for You
  9. 9. Fly in My Own Right
  10. 10. Manners
  11. 11. S.I.D.S.
  12. 12. You Never Expected