Omniverse; Verse 1 – EP

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Sep 30, 2014

Mast releases the first in a new series of EPs titled "Omniverse; Verse 1" on Alpha Pup Records. This follows the highly acclaimed release of his 2014 debut LP "Omni" which featured Anna Wise (Sonnymoon, Kendrick Lamar), Jeremiah Jae (Brainfeeder/Warp), RYAT (Brainfeeder) and Low Leaf.

The "Omniverse" series will unfold with multiple EP's or "Verses" released via Alpha Pup Records. Each "Verse" release will be conceptually, thematically and sonically connected to create one massive through-composed sonic universe, or in this case a compositional "Omniverse."

"Omniverse; Verse 1" features swirling guitars, dynamic keyboards, and pulsating beats all performed by Tim Conley aka Mast in his Los Angeles home studio. Released in the fall month of September, Verse 1 has themes of autumn and the astral bodies that create it. The six tracks, yet ever changing, bridge into one another creating a cohesive mix inspired by the cosmos.  

Track Listing

  1. 1. Autumn tide (luna's push/pull)
  2. 2. Luna
  3. 3. Astral projection
  4. 4. Solar scale
  5. 5. RAdiate
  6. 6. Autumn will return...