Omid Presents

(Beneath The Surface Music)

Release date: Sep 30, 2003

More killer beats are on deck from acclaimed producer Omid, who presents a collection of instrumentals and features on this, his 3rd release. Feature verses come from some of the usual L.A. underground Hip Hop suspects, including Busdriver, Scarub, Freestyle Fellowship and more.

One highlight of the album is the song "Atlas", which features 2Mex providing a view of social consciousness over a guitar sample, a smooth kick drum, and sick turntablistic cuts.

Omid brings his funky and soulful ideas to the table along with the heavyweight rhyme deliveries from L.A.'s underground to create a beautiful presentation.

Track Listing

  1. 1. L.I.F.E. Gives
  2. 2. Anti-Christ
  3. 3. Savvy Traveler
  4. 4. Can You Find the Level of Difficulty in This?
  5. 5. Atlas
  6. 6. It Was on This Night
  7. 7. Operating Instructions
  8. 8. Operating Instructions
  9. 9. Smart Buyer
  10. 10. Smart Buyer
  11. 11. Electric City
  12. 12. Endless
  13. 13. Leave Home
  14. 14. Memowrecks
  15. 15. Holiday
  16. 16. Rules
  17. 17. Tree Sun
  18. 18. Swinger's Remix

Produced by Omid