AWOL One & Daddy Kev

Number 3 On The Phone

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Jul 15, 2002

The downer insomniac poetic genius Awol One is back. 'Decompose' brings sparse beats, skittering percussion and a mini piano lick over which Awol drops harsh diss rhymes from his own unique perspective and delivery. 'Still Jock' adds the funkiness and wackiness in equal portions, Daddy Kev's music as essential as it's always been. 'Idiot Breath' attacks the suckers with even more force, though the music drops the tempo, the trumpet chorus and wobbly piano give it the edge.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Def with the Record
  2. 2. Idiot Breath
  3. 3. Suck My Brain
  4. 4. Called Bullshit on That
  5. 5. Decompose
  6. 6. Dead Air Ringer
  7. 7. Zygote
  8. 8. Danyell's Song
  9. 9. Forgetful Stupid
  10. 10. Shit Soup
  11. 11. Your Brain Will Melt
  12. 12. Ugly Baby Monster
  13. 13. The Child's Eyes
  14. 14. Carnage Asada

Produced by Daddy Kev