(Poobah Records)

Release date: Jul 12, 2011

Los Angeles based producer Dakim, otherwise known as Dak, has graced the public yet again with another beautiful and enthralling release entitled Ntoo on Matthewdavid's Leaving Records. The four-track EP portrays a seamless patchwork of samples that weave within each other and transition with ease and fluidity. Ntoo incorporates a wide variety of angles and backgrounds, yet comes together into one exquisite piece of art.

Dakim uses a variety of samples that make his sound very textured. In the aggressively lo-fi techno beat track called "typeofblue" he begins with alluring strings and the rushing sounds of a city, accompanied with a mysterious male voice that softly progresses into thrillingly off-tempo electronic drum breaks. The entire track is very melodic, yet not completely on beat at the same time. His use of vocal samples allows for a very interesting resonance throughout.

The track "Ntoo" includes a well-calculated soul music sample and is characterized by switchboard zips, woody drum claps and old school hip-hop elements, all springing at you with ease. The enchanting use of what sounds like the quiet tapping of the triangle that only contrasts to the off-beat theme of the track at large.

Dakim's Ntoo further shows us his musical versatility and is also very much pleasing to the ear.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Dew
  2. 2. Cram
  3. 3. Typeofblue
  4. 4. Ntoo