Sole & DJ Pain 1


(Black Box Tapes)

Release date: Apr 22, 2016

Two years after the release of their critically acclaimed album Death Drive, Sole & DJ Pain 1 announce the follow-up album, “Nihilismo.” This album embodies the overlap of their music with the world of activism and journalism. Nihilismo is a revolutionary hip-hop album that challenges the nihilism of modern life, of late stage capitalism and of a world that seems to have no future. It is a DIY testament to how both artists have plotted a way out of that despair through DIY ethics and a life of making working class, yet revolutionary music.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Generation Fucked
  2. 2. Too Small to Fail (DIY)
  3. 3. Capitalism (Is Tearing Us Apart)
  4. 4. Flood
  5. 5. Extinction Event
  6. 6. Hostage Crisis
  7. 7. National Bird
  8. 8. My Brand
  9. 9. Self Destruct
  10. 10. Walk the Plank
  11. 11. Exodus (Scream)
  12. 12. Our Words
  13. 13. Battle of Humans

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