(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: Sep 30, 1999

It can be quite difficult to describe Sunshine's sound. They've managed to create a catchy brand of indie rock. Swirling keyboards, walls of guitar, and haunted vocals enrich the listening experience. The album packs plenty of passion and persistence. When you think you've pinpointed their official sound, Sunshine throws a curve ball and throws in dab of 80s on top of blues, classic rock, glam, goth, and punk. It's a completely original sound that can get anyone to get down and dance to.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Insomnia
  2. 2. Narcoleptic Feedback
  3. 3. Daydreams About White Lines
  4. 4. Punk and Chic
  5. 5. Scars of Love
  6. 6. The Vertigo
  7. 7. Last Your Day
  8. 8. Thru Magnetic Fields
  9. 9. The Spooky Cat Song
  10. 10. Sweet Obituary 3AM
  11. 11. Astral Love
  12. 12. Astral Love (Bit Bob Hate Mix)
  13. 13. Astral Love (ORP 3n1h5nus Mix)
  14. 14. Astral Love (Toxicky Boom Cross Mix)