MO!NO Love


Release date: Nov 30, 2012

“MO!NO Love” is the debut musical work of southern Russia/Sochi-based graphical artist Igor Fedoseev, who’s throwing an EP under his new alias Yayati. Soft lyrical pressure, southern seaside cozy atmosphere, and a lo-fi approach spread a portion of smoothness and touchy heart vibes all over the place where you let this tunes in. Semi-house grooves, vintage styled synths, dreamy piano cuts and simple drum patterns - this is how Yayayi sounds. Cover art is also created by Fedoseev.

Track Listing

  1. 1. De Bons Moments
  2. 2. JHD
  3. 3. O Ty You See
  4. 4. Long Kiss
  5. 5. VIO
  6. 6. Owarp
  7. 7. Je Sais Que Vous
  8. 8. Avion

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