Black Monk

Monk Music

(Poobah Records)

Release date: Oct 26, 2010

Blackmonk's Monk Music had only 500 copies of vinyl pressed originally. Those are long gone, so chances are, you've never heard this sublime piece of west coast downtempo. Eight tracks deep, Monk Music is exactly what you'd expect from the super-consistent Poo-Bah records: beats, texture, and production finesse. No filler, all killer.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Ding Went Dang
  2. 2. Get Down Get Funky
  3. 3. Addicted
  4. 4. DRC
  5. 5. Monk Music
  6. 6. Truth & Soul
  7. 7. In the Morn
  8. 8. Monk Muse in da House

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