Attractive And Popular

Money Equals Magic

(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: May 1, 2007

ATTRACTIVE AND POPULAR formed in Lafayette, LA in November of 2004 and promptly moved to Hot Springs, AR. A$P began as a 3-piece with Zak on vocals, Bobby Missile on guitar, and Trista on drums. Eventually, the lineup was fleshed-out to include bassist Jake Noise and keyboardist Blake, and the band started touring the U.S. virtually non-stop, eventually crossing paths with GSL in mid-2006. Their live shows are packed full of energy, ridiculous dance moves, popped-out veins, and far-flung sweat. Sporting their custom-tailored sleeveless uniforms complete with gold sparkling dollar signs, A$P make for quite an "eyegasm". Their sound has been compared to bands like XBXRX, Numbers, Le Shok and Anavan. People have even said Les Savy Fav, but A$P thinks that comparison is mainly due to the presence of Zak's beard. People say that A$P is fun. Perhaps the funnest band of all time? You be the judge.

Track Listing

  1. 1. R2 I 2 FU
  2. 2. Sononon
  3. 3. Eagle Scream
  4. 4. Golden Duck
  5. 5. No Money No Honey
  6. 6. Rang Rang
  7. 7. We're so Pretty
  8. 8. Big Tits
  9. 9. Money Equals Magic
  10. 10. Laqueesha
  11. 11. Battle for The Universe
  12. 12. Microchip Blowup
  13. 13. Romancer
  14. 14. Colonels Vs. Rebels
  15. 15. Crack Farm