Mirrors – EP


Release date: Apr 22, 2013

Brand new EP from Saint-Petersburg based electronic producer Monokle. After his recent Saints LP on German Ki Records - so good critically and public acclaimed BTW - Vlad presents a kind of a branch of that sounding. In Mirrors he continues to develop his own touch - deep, soothing and dreamy progressions together with noisy atmos and pulsing far-away rhythms. But this time there's much to 4/4 than in Saints, so this stuff in pretty dance-oriented. Urban touch, distant vocal shots and vast melodic soundscapes together with bass-driven grooves - what's more?This release includes a co-op tune with Milinal - our old comrade and artist, and just Monokle's friend.

Photo by Olya Virich.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Say
  2. 2. Mirrors
  3. 3. Vigo
  4. 4. Garden

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