Mike Gao


(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Jan 20, 2015

Provocative sounds, intriguing vocals and skillful dexterity come out to play in Migamo by Mike Gao, a Los Angeles-based producer, professional music technologist and PhD candidate. An introvert living in an extrovert's industry, Gao pushes the conventions of hip hop, bass music and beats with his deft approach to music composition. Often collaborating with like-minded musicians like Ta-ku, Mr. Carmack and Tokimonsta, Gao is also an audio scientist who has created his own iOS apps (PolyPlayground and VocalBeater) and plugins under the name Migamo.

With rich design and sleek maneuvering, Migamo is a bold slice of modern music. Plunging the album into a chunky beginning, "Pivot" sets an immediate tone of enlightened production. "Just Do You" digs in with a manipulated sound base and ambiguous vocals, while "Thirst (feat. Mr. Carmack)" is a round, juicy jam with exotic appeal. Listen to the layers of Migamo and feel the channels of your brain light up.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Pivot
  2. 2. So Hard to Be Free
  3. 3. Yo Bae
  4. 4. Just Do You
  5. 5. Shoemaker
  6. 6. Because I'm Free (What Would You Do?)
  7. 7. Thirst
  8. 8. Gangsta Name
  9. 9. Clangdashian
  10. 10. Red Cars
  11. 11. Ramen Hotline
  12. 12. Away
  13. 13. Material
  14. 14. Zipper

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