Portable Sunsets


(Magical Properties)

Release date: Jun 19, 2012

Organic and deep, Mercy, by Portable Sunsets, flows languidly through wide and ambient textures, as if audibly acting out the gradual forgetting of a past love. Bright bells harp delicately through warm and airy pads, like the sound of raindrops over the humming of wind. Basslines pulsate, looping and exploring textures and timing to provide a delicate grounding in contrast to the light reverberatory accompaniment. Flat, steady vocals decorate some of the songs with promises, reflections, melancholy and occasional hopefulness.

Tracks like "California" make wonderful use of the house beat and, with flittering percussion, "Clone Opera" creates a feeling of momentum and excitement, the distortion rising in the slow churning of the low end as we get closer to our sensed destination. Mercy ends with "Fog," which is slow, emotional, and monumental. Huge synth expressions seem to reflect on the journey progressed through the album, almost with a sense of regret, and it ends with the inevitable fading of memory that comes after every meaningful experience.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Sunscreen Wetdream
  2. 2. Vux White Flash
  3. 3. Sunshield
  4. 4. Guitar Plume
  5. 5. Clocks Wind
  6. 6. Clone Opera
  7. 7. Wolf Head
  8. 8. New Hands
  9. 9. California
  10. 10. Fog