Mr. Carmack

Melodies, Vol. 1


Release date: Apr 15, 2014

The December 2011 release of Melodies, Vol. 1 shows how much Mr. Carmack grew in the year since the release of his very first album, the Frozen EP. This release shows the characteristic certainty and spirit that we see in Mr. Carmack's releases. This album is where it all stems from. He conducted some unique rhythm experiments here, but his synth lead melodies are what really take the cake in Melodies, Vol. 1. This can be found in the widely varying "At Night", "2084", and "Headache." Check this album out to see the early genius of Mr. Carmack.

Track Listing

  1. 1. At Night
  2. 2. Paces
  3. 3. 2084
  4. 4. Ode to Doobie
  5. 5. Old Beat
  6. 6. Fuses
  7. 7. Untitled
  8. 8. Headache
  9. 9. Sun (flower)
  10. 10. Church
  11. 11. Three Years Back