Hugh Augustine

Massimo Ciabatta

(The Order Label)

Release date: Jul 7, 2015

For two years, Hugh Augustine recorded and perfected his craft to create this album Massimo Ciabatta. The thought of different meanings for the acronym " MC," and he discovered Massimo Ciabatta. It is loosely translated to mean "Maximum Bread." Being of Sicilian descendant, Hugh was interested to find more information about Italian history and culture, specifically in relation to food and culture.

He discovered that local Southern Italian bakers created Ciabatta bread in the 1980's. These bakers were concerned that the popular French Baguette would cause them to lose business. Why import rather than making a superior product at home? They wanted artisan bread that represented the Italian culture and flavor; thus, Ciabatta was born.

Hugh was inspired to create a sound and flavor that represents his hometown, Los Angeles. He wanted to create something that people can be proud of and use as the foundation for local revolution. Like the bakers, cutting out the importer and becoming the source for unique music that truly represents his experience, perspective, culture, and family name. In essence, Massimo Ciabatta is a "Maximum Bread”, seven days a week.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Family
  2. 2. Expensive Taste
  3. 3. Personal
  4. 4. One Night Only
  5. 5. Rollin
  6. 6. StacheBoxVillain
  7. 7. Massimo Ciabatta
  8. 8. 7 Days a Week
  9. 9. Star
  10. 10. Fallen Soldier
  11. 11. Keep It Real
  12. 12. Get the Money
  13. 13. Slow Down
  14. 14. How About You