Roof Light

Marshland Stories and Ballads


Release date: Aug 6, 2012

Throughout the lo-fi lyrical season Fuselab presents a stunning 8-track piece of warm psychedelic blanket from our Southeast UK-based mate Roof Light aka Gareth Munday.

Well-known for his atmospheric dance releases that go somewhere between dubstep, Detroit techno and future garage, this time Gareth brings something really different out of the depths of his musical world. Quite an fairy form to describe - imagine that you know some very rare BOC, Bibio and native English tunes by heart and one sunny day tried to play them all on a broken guitar sitting somewhere in front of the river or in the middle of a wheat field. Oh yes, everything you have with you is an old cassette dictaphone, not so good-working as well, and some pieces of colored glass to watch the clouds. And only on the ripe UK ground; nowhere else, except maybe "The Middle Earth."

While listening to the organic, profound and cozy sounds of Marshland Stories and Ballads, it becomes clear - Gareth knows his roots and how to bring them out. Loads of field recordings, live folk guitars and weird natural sounds cover all the space around. And it's all absolutely kind and soothing - noisy, hummy and clicky - 102% native British psychedelic folklore. An inner smile for sure.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Penfold
  2. 2. Coastal Orienteering
  3. 3. Woodcutters Lament
  4. 4. Frosty Was the Ground, Ripe
  5. 5. Coppice Red Hare
  6. 6. Hidden Things
  7. 7. Lulworth
  8. 8. Washing Line Wheel and Mang