The Breathing Effect

Mars Is A Very Bad Place For Love

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Apr 21, 2015

Travel through a wormhole to find Mars Is a Very Bad Place for Love, the vivid new release by the Breathing Effect on Alpha Pup Records. A duo comprised of lifelong friends Eli Goss and Harry Terrell, the Breathing Effect explores a futuristic jazz curriculum, delivering a dense and progressive sonic stew. Electrifying percussion and velveteen keys flow with a sense of discovery -- deep inside and far out into space -- and the result is a unique, set-apart sound that lovers of Thundercat and Kamasi Washington will accept with open arms.

Tracks like "Cloudy Afternoon" and "Cold Meteor Showers" feel truly alive, resonating with an aura of perfect wholeness, nimbly curving into fresh directions. "Streetlights Out of Focus" trips out from flickering beats into a golden lounge, wrapped in silken layers of stacked audio.

"Twenty Years Altogether" features a hushed and graceful certainty, an understanding that all of time and space is encapsulated within. As the album winds to a finish, "Rising Inside" stands wide before soaring, saturating the soul with closed-eye grandeur.

Recorded at Cosmic Zoo, and mixed by Alpha Pup boss Daddy Kev, Mars Is a Very Bad Place for Love represents a giant leap for the Breathing Effect. Their debut album ultimately proves to be an impressive creation of impeccable embellishment and satisfying warmth, a place where anything is possible. Do yourself a favor and just press play...

Track Listing

  1. 1. Forestial Things
  2. 2. Cloudy Afternoon
  3. 3. Cold Meteor Showers
  4. 4. Visions
  5. 5. One for the Mountains by the Sea
  6. 6. Twenty Years Altogether
  7. 7. Streetlights out of Focus
  8. 8. Weightless Reality
  9. 9. Fireflies
  10. 10. Rising Inside
  11. 11. Half Light

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