Ivan Mairesse

Lovers Lane

(Triple You Tapes)

Release date: May 10, 2011

Lovers Lane, by Ivan Mairesse, is a harmonious folk-inspired journey that travels through listeners' ears and into their hearts. It features spacey and widely instrumental yet industrial songs, whispering with honesty and depth. Lovers Lane is an emotional album to get lost within. Awaking to Mairesse's sounds allow for an undoubtedly beautiful day featuring fresh and vibrant blue skies. "Harvesting" is a sweet beginning to the journey through Lovers Lane. It is a warm track that instantly brings back memories of a happier time; it is a song to fall in love to.

"Yes I Do" expands from folky summer days to quiet evenings with bright skies; these vibrant frequencies illustrate the meeting point where warm and cool breezes meet. The album drifts into a new realm within "Laurel Canyon," a whimsical and transcendental melody. Lovers Lane continues through harmonious chords, transporting listeners from wide-open grassy planes and bright blue skies to dark nights in redwood scented forests with skies filled with endless dream-filled stars. During the first awakening or the last contented moments of the day, this album fits all.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Harvesting
  2. 2. Stop the Parade
  3. 3. Yes I Do
  4. 4. Buckingham
  5. 5. Donkey Skin
  6. 6. Laurel Canyon
  7. 7. Out of My Way
  8. 8. Lovers Lane
  9. 9. Pascagoula
  10. 10. In the Still of the Night
  11. 11. Pass It On
  12. 12. Golspie Again