Life After Life

(The Order Label)

Release date: Jan 20, 2017

The underground hip-hop scene in Los Angeles is constantly expanding, with artists flowing in and out of the city’s boundaries that activate every area of the genres base. Few artists remain embedded with creative endurance intact and one of the rising hip-hop voices whose spirit remains true to LA is Trenttruce. He’s a frequent collaborator to Stones Throw / Leaving MC Koreatown Oddity and Black Jungle Squad co-founder Jeremiah Jae, guiding an opulent sense of lyricism over an odyssey of experimental beats.

After a few years of backing others in the underground world of LA hip-hop, Life After Life is Trenttruce’s debut album. The Order Label is home to artists such as Milo, Jonwayne, Sahtyre and Kenny Segal. Trenttruce will be a main staple for the imprints momentum going into the future.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Science
  2. 2. Fucked Society
  3. 3. Throne Crusher
  4. 4. Awkward
  5. 5. Broken Dreams
  6. 6. Nightmare Races
  7. 7. Die Already!
  8. 8. Garbage Rape
  9. 9. Provoked
  10. 10. Spawn
  11. 11. All Fucked Up
  12. 12. Go to Hell
  13. 13. Dean End