Lichborn – EP

(G5 Music)

Release date: Nov 15, 2011

In gygaxian canon, a "lich" is an archmage who, at the pinnacle of his art, finds himself pondering the ever-diminishing use of wielding such power given a limited lifespan... and undertakes eldritch rituals, encasing his immortal soul into the nonperishable gem of a "phylactery." As aeons pass, the lich's physical body decays, and his interests gradually drift from the worldly to the cosmic. In similar fashion, a young man from Romania has embarked on his transformation into Liar. This follows many years of single-minded, purposeful, and scientific mastery of left-field electronica devices, and a violent flurry of near-death experiences that have since both exalted and crushed him. Lichborn is his first baby step, both loving discourse on and hateful excision of the worldly, with the cosmic as both mentor and tormentor.

This nigh-megalomaniacal enterprise translates itself sonically into a highly nebulous, fidgety, seemingly unstable sound, always nearly bursting at the seams, but unwavering in its sense of purpose and narrative continuity. Feral arpeggios race across exquisitely crafted lurching arabesque beatscapes (Ghostride, Bass Traitor), distorted strumming intercepts stillborn pop songs (Upjane, Upjohn), grinding tectonic plates rhythmically demolish and uproot post-dubstep dioramas of sci-fi tragedies (Upghostery, Phylactery). Banshee wails deck the halls of desolate cities, with every subsequent echo struggling for offspring. Recurring themes mirror both recurring dreams and pre-modern composition. Demokracy step up on Upjohn to further enrich this world via their brand of future-retro synth-laden wistfulness and massive invasive beats.

The fidgeting thus emancipates itself to schizoid elegance and controlled chaos. This is especially apparent in the sampling ethos: 70s, 80s, 90s, disco, noughties, rave, hip-hop, RnB, pop, black metal, prog, classical... everything is game for Liar... A cinematic, epic approach to storytelling and progression is the Rosetta stone that normalizes all these different languages into a coherent message. Hence, Liar's past is fragmented and repurposed amidst his harrowing, claustrophobic present into nighttime visions of the future. The human is expunged, but preserved. Not felt. But not lost. Reality all sums to zero... No reason we can't have fun with it.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Ghostride
  2. 2. Bass Traitor
  3. 3. Upghostery
  4. 4. Upjane
  5. 5. Upjohn
  6. 6. Phylactery