Let Flavor Manifest

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Jun 30, 2015

Let Flavor Manifest is the debut release from King, an eccentric album that captures your attention with multiple personalities and unpredictable sounds. Nostalgic yet completely new, the album throws a mixtape-style nod to the earliest era of sample-based beats.

Profoundly influenced by the Low End Theory movement, King cherry-picks from an impressive diversity of musical dimensions to create a completely unique style. Tracks are infused with clever breaks, delicate trips down the keyboard, madcap vocal sampling, quick shifts and feral beats. The result is loopy and lush, a juxtaposition of overwhelming grace and ardent experimentation.

Set on a thick slab of bass, “Suslord Theory” is permeated by a feeling of funk and abstract psych, a playground for slender piano sounds, messy drums and scratchy synths. “Kingductor” is a frothy and stimulating brew that careens around the corner on a tension-filled chase. Loose and wild, “Drama on the Patio” pulls you in with a pulsing ferocity – and “Home at Low End Theory” pays homage to the immaculate beauty and brain-crushing bass of the Los Angeles beat community.

Teeming with interesting sounds, Let Flavor Manifest buzzes on the cutting edge of beat production and glows warmly with a throwback soul. Take a walk into the left field with King.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Acquiring Skills
  2. 2. Suslord Theory
  3. 3. The Wonder of the Residents
  4. 4. So Many Yungs
  5. 5. Weird Body High
  6. 6. The Kingductor
  7. 7. Daddy Didn't Hear You
  8. 8. Drama on the Patio
  9. 9. Once You Get to Know Me
  10. 10. Do for Love
  11. 11. The Classics
  12. 12. The Music, The Strength
  13. 13. Gaslamp's Inferno
  14. 14. Low End Crew Connect
  15. 15. They Put Me on the Set
  16. 16. Home At Low End Theory