AWOL One & Daddy Kev

Killafornia – EP

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Jun 21, 2005

The third full release for Daddy Kev's essential Alpha Pup imprint after the killer Paris Zax and Ricci Rucker is the follow up of sorts to the Mush release Slanguage and the similar concept Grouch EP Sound Advice. Joining Kev and Awol is the mad scratch technician D-Styles. The five tracks on board this EP have a killer deep dangerous deep funk rock feel - specious, moody with a hard snap attack. Awol's world weiry lyrics may seem one dimensional to mainstream jacks but to us deeper looking hip hop heads it's a breath of fresh air. Lyrically deep and twisting, self hating he may be but he hates suckers more, peep the so dope 'The Unwanted' with the edgy guitar samples. Clever diss moves, unbelievable beat making music and sick scratching. This EP kills it.

Track Listing

  1. 1. The Unwanted
  2. 2. So Familiar
  3. 3. Looks Like
  4. 4. Unlucky Number
  5. 5. Dead Bartender

Produced by Daddy Kev