Kid Him

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Aug 27, 2013

Elos is evolving. L.A.-born Chaz Lewis is a quiet storm of the Low End Theory sound. KID HIM was almost the alter-ego, but instead we find the young 24 year-old Elos embracing tempo, exploring fidelity, and pushing genre. Conceptually it gets far-out from the author: "The discovery of a new direction through a sci-fi tale of loss and isolation. Our captain finds his outer-dimensional vessel shipwrecked, creating a new home in a cave near the crash site...". Sonically it shows off. The vintage synthesizers and beat programs are resonating with the familiar, extraterrestrial terrain.

Conceived a year from its release, KID HIM has been brewing since 2012's Alpha Pup full-length "Scenes of Life / Electricity". Elos' perpetual attention to expanding the artist's creative palette is supported by tracks like the minimalist footwork stylings of "Fall Light' & "Healing Beam". The young captain is still sprouting. Take the crucial slow & steady burner of "Glass Legos", and the moody eastern-influenced "Rondo" as exhibit to why Chaz will never miss his weekly experimental club-church congregation to the Low End that began it all.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Toy Explosion
  2. 2. Healingbeam
  3. 3. Wayward We Go
  4. 4. Zoltan Ship
  5. 5. Alligottado
  6. 6. Glass Legos
  7. 7. Fall Light
  8. 8. Cryogenics
  9. 9. 3AM
  10. 10. Red Band
  11. 11. Rondo
  12. 12. Cave Theme
  13. 13. Topdown
  14. 14. Fall Light