Justify the Mean$

(Legendary Music)

Release date: Mar 3, 2002

As Living Legends co-founder & one half of The Mystik Journeymen, Luckyiam.PSC has been through many ups and downs in his Hip Hop career. His rhyme skills have brought him to great heights throughout his life and in 2002 he added another one for the discography, releasing Justify the Mean$. Mastered by famed studio magician Daddy Kev, the album comes with the high-quality rhymes and beats you can expect from any Legends project.

Play This, track 6 on the album is one of its best. This track features a sparse beat, consisting of a guitar sample hovering over a simple drum pattern. And right over this beat Luckyiam delivers verses laced with social commentary, speaking on struggling and having to hustle to make a way in this twisted world.

Luckyiam has worked on many collaborative projects, but is truly able to let his talent shine through on this album. 16 tracks, most of the solo, were enough to prove to anyone why this Living Legend is to be lyrically feared.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Soliloquy (Intro)
  2. 2. Can't Deny This
  3. 3. TakingovaDis
  4. 4. Highway Serenity
  5. 5. If I Do (Dig Deep)
  6. 6. Play This
  7. 7. Unsatisfied
  8. 8. Come Along
  9. 9. Believe in You
  10. 10. Watch What We Say
  11. 11. Shut Up!
  12. 12. SmokedOUT
  13. 13. A Rave Review
  14. 14. You Know Us!
  15. 15. Not Perfect
  16. 16. F**K HEROES