Jump Shot – Single

(Authors / The Order Label)

Release date: Jun 24, 2016

Jonwayne continues his run of maxi-singles this year in 'Jump Shot’ on his imprint Authors Recording Company. Following in the footsteps of his recent maxi-singles 'That's O.K.' and 'Wonka,' the lyrically propulsive work is supplied with instrumental, acappella, radio edit and main versions. Sonically, the beat is minimal yet fierce, acting as the counter-weight to the intensity of the lyricism. 'Jump Shot' flourishes with advanced metaphors, intricate word pairing and spiraling cadence patterns that are rarely seen in today's hip hop class. 'Jump Shot' is welcomed by close collaborator to Jonwayne, Kiefer. The track was mixed and mastered with Daddy Kev at the Cosmic Zoo in Los Angeles. 

Track Listing

  1. 1. Jump Shot
  2. 2. Jump Shot
  3. 3. Jump Shot
  4. 4. Jump Shot