3:33 (Parallel Thought)

In the Middle of Infinity

(Parallel Thought LTD.)

Release date: Oct 30, 2012

In the Middle of Infinity is the latest album from group 3:33 (Parallel Thought), an 11-track journey of escape with a consistent flow. From the darkly intriguing track "ITMOI 3" to the dreamy and suspenseful "ITMOI 5", this album will bring no disconnect. The true standout song on this album is the closer, "The White Room", which is a 41-minute track that the group calls "an album within an album". Addressing feelings of loneliness and the eeriness of nature, In the Middle of Infinity combines hip-hop with explosive drums, which makes its darkness truly original. Transcend into a timeless atmosphere with this well-crafted album, and find yourself In the Middle of Infinity.

Track Listing

  1. 1. ITMOI-1
  2. 2. ITMOI-2
  3. 3. ITMOI-3
  4. 4. ITMOI-4
  5. 5. ITMOI-5
  6. 6. ITMOI-6
  7. 7. ITMOI-7
  8. 8. ITMOI-8
  9. 9. ITMOI-9
  10. 10. ITMOI-10
  11. 11. The White Room

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