In My World


Release date: Jul 1, 2014

Brainfeeder beatmaker and Leaving Records boss Matthewdavid returns with the follow-up to 2011's Outmind, In My World. In My World focuses on the producer's vocals with an expansive sonic palette. The title track opens with a dubbed-out, tape-melted R&B ballad that flashes both loverman cooing and silver-tongue rapping, as the hazy beatmaker explores a straightforward, hip-hop infused sound. According to Brainfeeder, In My World offers a journey through ''ethereal love jams,'' ''lush, vaporous pop dub'' and ''IDM breakbeats'' that's been ''liberally punctuated with Low End Theory-approved doses of speaker-rattling sub-bass.''

Track Listing

  1. 1. In My World
  2. 2. Cosmic Caller
  3. 3. The Mood Is Right
  4. 4. Perpetual Moon Moods
  5. 5. House of Horus
  6. 6. Next to You Always
  7. 7. Artforms
  8. 8. Singing Flats
  9. 9. West Coast Jungle Juke
  10. 10. Birds in Flight
  11. 11. It Will Never End (Japan-only Bonus)
  12. 12. Stealing Sahara (Japan-only bonus)

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