In Loving Memory Of…


Release date: Feb 16, 1999

Known for providing backdrops for the Abnormal crew, producer Deeskee goes on a solo mission for his 11 track release. This album provides a smorgasbord of beats, the only act of lyricism coming in the form of an album intro from the emcee Sole. The simple set up of the album cover stands far in contrast with the dense instrumentation on the album. Deeskee adds layers and chops samples up remarkably well, combining introspective elements with the sound of the boom bap. Beat heads and crate diggers alike will appreciate this LA2TheBay release for its ability to use classic sounds to create beats from the future.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Dust
  2. 2. Sandman
  3. 3. Deanna
  4. 4. Security Blanket
  5. 5. Wishing Well
  6. 6. Wait for the Drums
  7. 7. Half the Bottle
  8. 8. The Dying Game
  9. 9. As The World Goes Round
  10. 10. Moments Loss
  11. 11. Shots in the Dark

Produced by Deeskee