Ruff Draft

Illusion Fracture

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Feb 10, 2015

Explore the appealing juxtaposition and pure beats of Illusion Fracture, the new release by Ruff Draft. Fusing his unique, non-nonsense approach into the Alpha Pup space-time continuum, Ruff Draft creates an appealing interplay of light and dark; high and low; warm soul and cold space.

There's a certain elegance to Ruff Draft's sound, an effortless blend of sonorous melodies on top of barbarian beats. Inspired by anime and the sci-fi soundscapes of the 1980s, Illusion Fracture translates the feel of the decade into a modern texture.

"Overt Miracles/Beliefs (feat. GoYama)" launches the album with a captivating playground of jazzy beats and cosmic resonance. Heavy with purpose yet refined in melody, "Curry and Cookies (feat. Mr. Carmack)" is head-nod magic, almost meditative.

Layering porcelain vocals over twilight synths, "Foes and Folly (feat. Swoonz)" has the dreamy vibe of an otherworldly lullaby. "Messages" closes the sound feast with a soul classic beats that shuffle and stutter their way between complexity and raw simplicity.Tilt your head back, close your eyes and listen.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Overt Miracles/Beliefs
  2. 2. Taste of Blood
  3. 3. Curry and Cookies
  4. 4. Grae Matter
  5. 5. Logic Gate
  6. 6. Expansions
  7. 7. Ryu Hayabusa
  8. 8. The Singularity
  9. 9. Early Show
  10. 10. Stranger Things
  11. 11. Foes and Folly
  12. 12. Behaving Poorly
  13. 13. Electric Memories
  14. 14. Messages