I Love Haters

(Legendary Music)

Release date: Sep 13, 2011

Luckyiam's I Love Haters is an ambitious homage to the one and only "hater." Luckyiam is quite familiar with haters, and according to him, "you can't critique anything anymore without being labeled a hater and I just don't agree with that so, I Love Haters aka people who have great taste, style and originality who aren't afraid to express opinions."

For those not familiar with Luckiyam's recent output, I Love Haters was produced exclusively by Kruse who collaborated with Luckyiam back in 2007 on his release of Most Likely To Succeed. During this creative output Luckyiam came to the realization that Kruse had a knack for making samples reminiscent of the earlier Living Legends' sound, and subsequently they joined forces once again to create an album dedicated to all the loyal fans who supported him throughout the years. The album also features healthy doses of guest spots ranging from Slug of Atmosphere, Aceyalone of Freestyle Fellowship, Imani of Pharcyde and Pep Love of Hieroglyphics.

Along with obvious influences from the early Living Legends' sound, subtle traces of Dilla and De La Soul can be heard (e.g. "Doin Dis Dame" and "Paid Dues"). The one standout track out of the whole album would be "Watch!" which features some choice scratching by Kruse and vibrant rapping by Luckyiam. As a whole, I Love Haters displays a somewhat lo-fi aesthetic, however this grittiness does not distract the listener from the theme that Luckiyam is trying to convey. Behind all the dirty bass and harsh drum loops, Luckyiam comes out victorious in spitting out his message of channeling the hate he receives and turning it into something positive. The final track, "Therapist," serves as the album's catharsis - by far the darkest song on the album, Luckyiam finds closure and reflects on everything that motivated him to make this record.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Get Lucky (Intro)
  2. 2. I Love Haters
  3. 3. Paid Dues
  4. 4. For You
  5. 5. Watch!
  6. 6. Love You/Hate You
  7. 7. Somethin2Say
  8. 8. Nothing Left
  9. 9. Doin Dis Dame
  10. 10. So Simple Back Then
  11. 11. The Guilty
  12. 12. I Need...
  13. 13. TV in the Afternoon
  14. 14. Guts
  15. 15. Another Lesson
  16. 16. Therapist