J. Rawls

Histories Greatest Battles, Campaigns & Topics

(Female Fun Records)

Release date: Jun 3, 2003

Since about 80% of the LP is instrumental, some songs take a while to grow on you while others are instantly appealing. Named after an all-Black unit of soldiers to build and protect the city, The Black Brigade Of Cincinnati (Outcome) features Fat Jon of 5 Deez on flute. This is an instrumental flute version of a song from the upcoming 3582 LP. This is mellow and jazzy hip-hop with intelligent statements said in the background. Its an excellent track and Fat Jon's flute is incredible smooth. It just sounds cool! The flute just wanders over the beat, finding its way home through the rhythm. Based on the immortal book by Sun Tzu, The Art Of War is an ethereal track with handclaps and rolling drums along with a very cool synth melody. Beastie Boys used it on a remix Rawls did for Shadrach. This is amazing on its own. 63 Is The Jubilee (named after a song from the Civil War era and Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation in 1963) is a very complicated track with cool handclaps and a very fun yet poignant piano. The track changes in a beautiful and unexpected way. Wordsworth used this beat on his upcoming album for a song called Thank You. Its simply beautiful. Named after the Valentines Day Massacre, February 14, 1929 is a slow-burning cymbal-riding track with eerie and sinister melodies. The title fits the music perfectly. Its full and thick. Words are not needed. The Polar Palms Of Moscow is another slow track but this has a cold feeling of reality. Based on the failed invasions of Hitler and Napoleon into Russia, this track has that severity in the ethereal background orchestra melodies. The groove is slow, deep, and serious. The background choir gives the track a life, a sense of power, and the feeling of triumph. Its a marvelous track.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Hard Rock
  2. 2. The Black Brigade of Cincinnati
  3. 3. The Art of War
  4. 4. Bobby Seale Bound and Gagged
  5. 5. Sixty-Three Is the Jubilee
  6. 6. Welcome to North Africa
  7. 7. 2/14/2029
  8. 8. A United Front
  9. 9. America, Fulfill Your Promise
  10. 10. The Polar Palms of Moscow
  11. 11. Future